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Tango Woman Ballet

Luna is one woman and four women, all at the same time. Her story is a reflection of the problems facing today’s women. Through her four different journeys, Luna is able to fight and overcome her fears, slowly building her inner strength as she takes control over her own life.

Each of Luna’s journeys has its own style of dance, mood, and atmosphere. The first chapter is developed through a very classical technique on point, with intricate steps using parallel barres and using three levels of height throughout the choreography. The result is almost acrobatic. The second chapter is essentially neo-classical dance on demi-point, softer in aesthetics and with mainly rounded movements. The third chapter is told through contemporary dance both in substance and form, with a lot of contact work, floor work and freestyle moments. It culminates in a final part set in a milonga in which tango-ballet dominates.

Full Dossier

The Dossier contains all the information about the performance: Artistic Information • Synopsis • Creative Process • Pasodos Dance Company • Choreography • Biographies • Musical Composition • Technical Specifications • Rider • Contact and Caché


The Ballet with Live Music

You can contract Tango Woman Ballet with an orchestra (quartet or septet).


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Laura Macias

Artistic Director

Gavin de Paor

Management & Stage Direction